Can Virtual Conferences and Trade Shows Work for the HEOR and Managed Market Audiences?

Are traditional conferences and trade shows dead? That thought probably has Conference Companies quaking in their well-traveled shoes, while industry execs are drumming on their laptops with glee at the thought of never having to go to another 2-day meeting in a Marriott ever again. But maybe it’s time to re-think conferences and how we share ideas. Let’s explore that for the HEOR and Managed Markets audience for a moment.

There are dozens of conferences held each month. These include major association meetings, like ISPOR, AMCP, DIA, ISPE, etc. as well as for-profit conference companies sponsoring events like CBI, eyeforpharma, IIR, marcusevans, and more. Just look at the conference calendar on HealthEconomics.Com for a peek at the sheer number of events on pricing, reimbursement, ACOs, PROs, and informatics. Many industry watchers bemoan the state of conferences in our field, complaining of low attendance, repetitive presentations by the same individuals hawking their wares, as well as the expense associated with registrations, airline and hotel stays. This doesn’t include the biggest expense, which is time away from the office with limited ROI. In fact, many government organizations in the United States forbid all but the most mission-critical conferences if they are further than a Metro ride away. These restrictions are in addition to an Office of Management and Budget memo promoting efficient agency travel spending, disseminated in May 2012.

Please take a Quick Poll about your company’s recent policies on conference attendance. When answering, consider whether your company has implemented policy changes, levels of approval, per diem spending limits, or recommended limiting travel/attendance in any way.

Of course, live conferences may offer the possibility of networking with individuals outside your own company, and occasionally hearing a nugget that might be the genesis of a big new idea or a re-thinking of an old approach. Nevertheless, forward-thinking executives have been wondering:  How can we retain the benefits of conferences and trade shows, while tossing out the negatives?

One word:  Virtual.

What does that have to do with HEOR and Managed Markets?  One more word:  HE-Xpo.  HE-Xpo is a virtual conference, trade show and market place, just for the health economics, outcomes research, and managed markets community – worldwide.

Growth of Virtual Conferences & Tradeshows

More about HE-Xpo is below…but first, let’s back up.  What exactly is a Virtual Conference and Trade Show and what is happening in this arena?  According to a leading market research and technology research company, Market Research Media, the worldwide virtual conference market is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 56% between the period of 2013 and 2018. This prediction was contained in their recent research report “Virtual Conference & Trade Show Market Forecast 2013-2018“.  The worldwide virtual conference and trade show market was predicted to reach $18.6 Billion over the period 2013 – 2018.

The image below, derived from Market Research Media, shows a Venn diagram of sorts describing Virtual Conferences & Trade Show components.

virtual conference and tradeshow image

In a recent Reader Satisfaction Survey by HealthEconomics.Com conducted April 2013, “Virtual Conferences” was the most requested new service by the >200 survey participants.  As a result, we answered your call.   HealthEconomics.Com has launched a new service, HE-Xpo, a virtual conference, trade show, and market place available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. HE-Xpo allows you to feature your company, products, and services in a media-rich, interactive environment that is SEO enhanced and offers powerful lead generation through real-time attendee profiling.  HE-Xpo has Exhibit Booths, a Learning Center, an Auditorium, and a Lounge.  You can create a compelling user experience by hosting live webinars or streaming a conference live in the Auditorium, uploading unlimited media to your exhibit booth and the HE-XPo Learning Center, including video, audio, images, PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, PDFs and more, as well as network and share via social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, more) in the Lounge.  For a full description and price list, view our HE-XPo Media Pak.

HE-Xpo is going live this month (July 2013), with many HEOR company booths in the Exhibit Center and many items already uploaded into the Learning Center.  Several industry associations are considering using HE-Xpo to live stream their annual meetings to expand involvement and access to those individuals in HEOR and Managed Markets who cannot get to the live meeting.  Virtual attendance is the next best thing, and it may be even better (from an ROI) than attending in person.  Contact Leslie Fine, HE-Xpo Marketing Manager, at leslie@blogsite.healtheconomics.com , to reserve your exhibit booth and get involved in the next big technology for the industry: virtual conferences and tradeshows.

HE-XPO OVERVIEW from HealthEconomics.Com on Vimeo.

HE-Xpo Grand Opening and Launch Party – September 19, 2013

Mark your calendars for the HE-Xpo Grand Opening & Launch Party, scheduled for September 19, 2013.  Our HE-XPo Grand Opening is a day-long event, full of live presentations, exhibitor give-ways, learning opportunities, networking, and powerful lead-generation opportunities.  We want you to be present and participate.  HE-Xpo gives you all the next generation tools you need to showcase your product or service.  We want to help you turn your booth attendees into customers and getting your booth ready and active is a snap.  You are literally minutes away from having a live and accessible booth, available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day because it is extremely easy to set up.  And, our experts are here to assist you in any way possible so that you can begin to see the benefits from your participation as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to have you join us with this special offer!  If you are ready to raise the quality of your digital marketing experience to new heights, please contact Leslie@blogsite.healtheconomics.com to get started.

Patti Peeples, R.Ph., Ph.D.

Dr. Patti Peeples is a respected health economist, pharmacist, and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the pharma and healthcare communications industries. She writes. A lot. And she likes to start new things. The author of over 200 publications and creator of two successful business, Dr. Peeples was at the forefront of the health outcomes and market access movement in the United States. She is considered a pioneer in using the internet and digital media for communication and marketing in the health economics field.

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