Choose a Job You Love, and You’ll Never Have to Work a Day in Your Life!

We should all be so lucky to have a job we love.  Do you?

If you’re an employer, don’t you want employees who love what they do and who they work for, and are willing to give their job their all?

If you’re looking for a new job, or trying to fill the pipeline, do not miss HealthEconomics.Com’s 2nd Annual Online Career Fair for HEOR & Market Access, scheduled for July 22, 12 noon to 3pm ET.

Register for Online Career Fair for HEOR & Market Access

Register for Online Career Fair for HEOR & Market Access


HealthEconomics.Com’s CONNECTED COMMUNITY™ is the most diverse, connected arena of 20,000+ HEOR & Market Access professionals worldwide, and gives you unparalleled access to candidates and companies.

Join us for our next Online Career Fair, specifically for the HEOR & Market Access community.




Why Participate in an Online Career Fair?

1.  Access: to hundreds of candidates that you probably don’t get elsewhere, including live engagement with Candidates and Employers, all at the convenience of your desk.

2.  Data. Employers’ and Candidates’ contact information at major companies that you can pipeline for jobs in the coming months. Participating in the event will help you build a talent community and pipeline even if you don’t have job openings right now, or you aren’t looking for a job. If you do, you can screen and move your top picks through a hiring process.

3.  Great branding opportunity. It’s a competitive market and companies are looking at new ways to engage job seekers. Job seekers are looking for companies who are hiring, and who are “seen”.  What better way than on a tech platform? It’s fun, easy, and effective! Participating in online events is a great way to cut through the noise of your competition.


Employer Benefits for Participating:

  • You will be sent a full candidate report after the event that can be used to build your personal database of viable candidates and also reach out to those that didn’t attend the event.
  • Access to HealthEconomics.Com’s global CONNECTED COMMUNITY™, thereby diversifying your workplace!
  • Save on travel and shipping costs for in-person events.
  • Our platform can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and a computer.
  • Ease of use – we do heavy lifting all you do it upload you information into our easy to use tool and we also will consult on best practices.


Employers and Candidates, Register Now!

Register for Online Career Fair for HEOR & Market Access


And, to make it even simpler, we offer weekly training classes for Employers (attend anytime, between now and the event) so you maximize your understanding of the platform and get any of your questions answered about building your booth and participating in an online career fair!  We are here to support you at every step.

Don’t Wait: Sign Up Now for Maximum Exposure!Register for Online Career Fair for HEOR & Market Access

As soon as you register and easily set up your booth (takes just a few minutes!), the more exposure you get and ultimately the better matched the candidates will be. You will also get exposure through all marketing we do of the Career Fair, expanding your brand awareness!  We help promote you! The sooner you register and post your event job(s), the sooner you can start generating interest!

If you register as an employer now, get the best location! There is first-come first-serve in booth placement in lobby.

The visitors to our website and readers of our newsletter are geographically dispersed, and this is typically what we see in online events as well. Our audience is 58% US, 23% Europe, and 3% Asia.  We have run multiple online events, and typically see higher-level attendees at the Director level or above.  We ran a previous Career Fair in January 2014, and you can review the Press Release describing it here.

Here are some Excerpts from Past Online Career Fairs from HealthEconomics.Com:

  • The recently-held HEOR Career Fair by HealthEconomics.Com had 400 registrants and 15 exhibitors. Exhibitors included Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Covance, Evidera, Xcenda, PRMA, Double Helix, Mapi, McKesson and more.
  • 83% were satisfied with HEOR Career Fair, and 94% of exhibitors thought the Virtual Career Fair was a positive recruiting tool!  
  • Candidates said, “What a terrific platform! I spoke with so many recruiters!  Thank you!”

Don’t wait to sign up for the HEOR & Market Access Online Career Fair on July 22.  The sooner you register, the better your exposure.  Benefit from HealthEconomics.Com aggressive advertising campaign to promote the event, and we feel confident that you will find the experience valuable.

Also remember:  Post your open Jobs on the HealthEconomics.Com Jobs Board and subscribe to our weekly HealthEconomics.Com Jobs Newsletter listing all open jobs in HEOR & Market Access.


Are you paid enough?  Do you pay your employees fairly?  Buy our 2015 Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access.

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2015 Global Salary Survey for HEOR & Market Access

See you online on July 22, 12 noon to 3pm, and let’s get the hiring party started!


Patti Peeples, R.Ph., Ph.D.

Dr. Patti Peeples is a respected health economist, pharmacist, and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the pharma and healthcare communications industries. She writes. A lot. And she likes to start new things. The author of over 200 publications and creator of two successful business, Dr. Peeples was at the forefront of the health outcomes and market access movement in the United States. She is considered a pioneer in using the internet and digital media for communication and marketing in the health economics field.

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