How are patient decisions formed to stay or drop out of a clinical trial?

Maintaining high levels of patient recruitment, adherence and retention is essential for the successful completion of a clinical trial, yet it remains a significant challenge faced by researchers.  Poor patient adherence and retention can adversely affect a trial by lengthening… Continue Reading

7 Reasons why your Health Survey will Fail

Collecting information using a questionnaire to measure patient satisfaction, experience and health is now common practice. There is a variety of health questionnaire types that can be used. Whichever way questionnaires are used and for whatever purpose, the objective is… Continue Reading

Adding value to biomedical endpoints – The Importance of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

The challenges A key hurdle facing the entire pharmaceutical industry is non-adherence by patients to medication. This problem is only likely to be surmounted if patients believe that taking medication will lead to immediate benefits through reduction of symptoms, improvement… Continue Reading