Three Considerations to Expand Physicians’ Bandwidth and Improve Real-World Safety Reporting


The ever-expanding field of pharmacovigilance highlights the importance of identifying and tackling problems with real-world safety reporting. Despite this drive to improve healthcare, overtaxed healthcare providers face a current real-world safety reporting process that is too burdensome. For example, researchers… Continue Reading


Hard to Define, Harder to Find Patients: Using AI & Real-World Data to Understand Treatment Resistant Depression

  Mental health conditions can take a staggering toll on an individual physically, socially and financially. Many patients languish with partially effective or ineffective treatments, even though new options are constantly entering the market. At OM1, we are using our… Continue Reading


Real-World Data Can Bring Value to Life Sciences Companies Operating in a Value-Based World

Integra Connect

The healthcare industry — from providers and health systems to payers — is increasingly adopting value-based care practices, which is not surprising given that approximately 61% of all healthcare payments are tied to value and quality in some way. In… Continue Reading


Podcast Q&A: Designing Causal Inference Studies Using Real-World Data

This podcast segment features the Q&A from HealthCore’s December 7, 2022 webinar and features an expert panel including Michael Grabner, Alexander Turchin, and Shivani Pandya where they answer questions on causal inference and designing these studies using real-world healthcare data.… Continue Reading